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How to support us?

How to support us?

We are grateful for every amount! As the Polish Medical Mission, we bring together those who help and those in need. Your donations are of immense importance to us and motivate us to further develop our activities.

Frequently asked questions:

How can my donation to the Polish Medical Mission help?

The support we receive from our donors constitutes even half of the financial support for our projects. We provide medical assistance quickly thanks to the trust and commitment of individuals like you.

Can I donate to a specific country or project?

Yes. Visit our “What we do” section and find the project or country you would like to support in order to make a donation. 

Does my donation qualify for a tax deduction?

Yes. Donations to public benefit organizations (OPP) or non-profit organizations that are not profit-oriented and do not belong to the public finance sector can be deducted from the tax.

Will I receive confirmation of my donation?

To deduct a monetary donation, you need to have a confirmation of the transfer, which should include the donor’s details, the recipient, the amount, and an appropriate payment title.

Can I donate items such as clothing and blankets?

We’re unable to accept donations in the form of material supplies. The key to saving lives in emergencies is speed, so our practice is to have prepared, specialized, and standardized sets and other materials ready for use in emergencies. It is much easier to buy these items (with funds donated by our supporters) in the countries where they are needed. This reduces the costs for Polska Misja Medyczna, helps stimulate local markets and economies, and ensures that the goods we acquire are suitable for both the local environment and culture.

Zdjęcie z misji humanitarnej: Polska Misja Medyczna jako pomocnik w odbudowie zdrowia społeczności.

Anastazja Treszczanowicz

Donor Relations Specialist

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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