Supporting high-quality medical services for newborns and malnourished children under five. Neonatal ward equipment.


Why do we help in Ethiopia?

Limited access to high-quality health care and maternity services has contributed to high maternal and infant mortality rates. The country's varied geography and inadequate infrastructure can make timely medical assistance difficult, especially in remote rural areas.

The problem of medical care is also the lack of access to basic health care, the doctor-to-patient ratio is 1:50,000 and the ratio of nurses is 1:5,000 and is the lowest in Sub-Saharan Africa

Infant malnutrition remains a serious problem as many families struggle to provide adequate nutrition due to poverty and food insecurity. This has led to problems such as low birth weight and stunted growth. In addition, inadequate sanitation and clean water sources in some regions pose a health risk to newborns.

How do we help in Ethiopia?

As part of the project, we cover the costs of hospital treatment of premature babies and children with malnutrition, we provide food to the carers of children admitted to the hospital, we conduct culinary and nutritional demonstrations. We employ staff and equip the neonatal ward with modern equipment, such as incubators, infusion pumps, phototherapy machines, oxygen concentrators, and stocks of drugs and medical supplies.
Polish Medical Mission
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Polish Medical Mission
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