Organize an event

A lecture, festival, run or movie night, there are many options, and you, as the organizer, take the initiative in them, but we will be happy to help you. If you want the participants to learn more about the activities of the Polish Medical Mission and humanitarian issues in the world, we can support with you.


  1. We provide knowledge about humanitarian and development aid, travel safety and human rights in the world for consultation.
  2. You will receive a file with the necessary graphic materials.
  3. We will inform about your event on our social media channels.

Do you have any questions?

Hanna Lewicka

Fundraising Specialist
+48 602 744 955
If you have any questions, please contact us.

We invite you to build help with us in the most needy countries of the world.
Do I need to get a fundraising permit?
Yes! Unless you are the host of the event yourself, make sure the organizer has given all necessary approvals.
What purpose can I raise for?
You can choose the purpose of your fundraiser yourself. You can choose to support a specific project (Syria, Iraq, Senegal), all of them are available here, or raise for the general activities of the Polish Medical Mission.
Will I receive additional materials?
Yes! In agreement with us, the parcel may contain, in addition to cans, posters, folders and other materials.
Can I share photos from the fundraiser?
Absolutely, if you want to show your fundraiser as an example of a successful campaign, send us photos that we will publish in the "good examples" tab. Other people will be happy to be inspired.


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