Support the medic's trip on a mission

A very important element of our assistance is the training of local medical personnel by Polish medics: specialists - nurses, midwives, paramedics. The shared knowledge is invaluable and is used on a daily basis by local medical personnel to save lives.

How we will use the funds obtained to support the medics with the Mission:

  1. Sending Polish medics on a mission for a period of at least 3 weeks for the training of local staff and direct supervision of medical procedures in hospitals.
  2. Preparation of a guide for local medics with the content of the training.
  3. Purchase of medical equipment for departing medics, which is then transferred to a local hospital, e.g. blood pressure monitors, ambubags, thermometers, stethoscopes.
  4. Preparation of Polish volunteers for safe stay on the mission;
  5. Training volunteers as part of the professional course - T4 - Travel Trauma Tropics Tactics on providing help in difficult conditions.
  6. Preparation of a report on the implementation of activities on missions financed by the company;
  7. Implementation of dedicated photo and film materials, press articles or interviews with your company for media or internal use, as an example of corporate social responsibility;

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Fundraising Specialist
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We invite you to build help with us in the most needy countries of the world.


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