Dedicated product and other forms of support

Your company can engage with us in supporting people in need by introducing a product dedicated to PMM or through a loyalty program. Together, we will develop an optimal, individual model of cooperation, bringing mutual benefits and consistent with the goals of social responsibility and the specificity of your company's operations.
  1. DEDICATED PRODUCTS Together with us, you can introduce a product dedicated to PMM or mark a product already in the offer with the PMM logo, and transfer some of the funds from the sale to support our activities.
  2. LOYALTY PROGRAMS In the case of service activities, you can introduce a purchase bonus system with points that your customers can donate to selected PMM activities. You can also prepare information on the transfer of the agreed % of sales of services to PMM programs.

Do you have questions?

Marta Nowakowska

Donor Relations Specialist
If you have any questions, please contact us.

We invite you to build help with us in the most needy countries of the world.


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