Volunteering program

The activity of PMM is based on the work of medical and non-medical volunteers who support our missions abroad as well as in the country.

The PMM volunteering program involves:

  1. HR support on foreign missions - trips for approx. 3 weeks during which we provide direct medical assistance, train local staff, conduct health and hygiene promotion campaigns;
  2. medical support in the country, the function of an expert in a specific field of medicine, e.g. writing articles on medical topics on behalf of the PMM, giving interviews, advising on medical programs, conducting training for the medical staff of PMM, as well as first aid training for company employees, on request ;
  3. support in activities in the field of communication and fundraising, creating graphics and other visual materials, IT or assistance in project implementation;

Polish Medical Mission Office

+48 575 222 705


If you have any questions, please contact us.

We invite you to build help with us in the most needy countries of the world.


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