Help us save Syrian children’s lives.

Send the text message SYRIA to 74465 (the cost is PLN 4 + VAT) and help us save children’s lives in Syria.

The war in Syria still brings wounds, death and destruction. There are more and more casualties; hospitals, houses and administrative buildings are being bombed. Whole families are forced to leave their homes. Those who suffer most are children; often wounded, sick, freezing, unable to fight infections. It is above all to them that we bring help.

Lana is 5 years old, she is a smiley Syrian girl but she knows no other reality than war. She was born with a cleft lip but to her parents and brothers she was the apple of their eyes. Two years ago, in one of the bombings, their house fell in ruins. The neighbours got Lana’s family out but you they could not see the girl anywhere. Hamada, Lana’s eldest brother, threw away the stones until he finally found his little sister. Unfortunately, the leg wounds were so severe that amputation was necessary.

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