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Dental healthcare in Iraqi Kurdistan

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Over 6,000 displaced families live in the Baharka camp in Iraqi Kurdistan. It is them that the Polish Medical Mission has been helping for 6 years by providing medical care.

The prolonged armed conflict in the region resulted in a lack of specialist medical care in the camps for Syrian refugees and displaced Iraqi families. Inhabitants of the camps located in Iraqi Kurdistan have access only to basic medical assistance. There are no internists, pediatricians, dentists, or pharmacists here. There is also a lack of drugs, diagnostic laboratories, and health education. Polish Medical Mission, as the only organization in Poland, has been present with aid activities in the health sector in Iraq since 2016.

As part of the activities carried out, we have opened a mobile clinic that welcomes over 6,000 displaced families living in the Baharka camp. Patients are waiting for, among others, a nurse, pediatrician, a team of dentists, and a pharmacist. The clinic is equipped with laboratory equipment, so it is possible to carry out diagnostic tests, such as blood tests, to help diagnose the patient. After receiving the diagnosis, they can fill their prescriptions free of charge at the pharmacy, which is part of the mobile clinic. Thanks to our activities, camp residents have constant access to free medical care.


The project “Medical and dental assistance for refugees, displaced persons and local people in the Erbil and Al-Hamdaniya governorates in Iraq” is financed by the Polish Aid of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland as part of the “Humanitarian Aid 2021”.

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